Bendita translation of lyrics

English translation of Bendita by Thalia
I thought I had a whole world full of
Treasures, successes and flattery
But in the solitude of the room, an emptiness choked my song,
The crying accompanied my pain
I asked God to listen to me, answer my prayers,
What I carry in my heart
And a light illuminated me, the darkness dissipated
And was that within your seed germino
Blessed is joy, Blessed is thy caress,
Blessed Be My heart
Blessed look, Blessed is your smile,
Blessed Be Thou My reason
You will be my air, you will be my breath fresh, eternal life,
Blessed are you nina from God
You've come to rescue me, today my life is to love you
And give you full hands my love
Stars are your eyes, popcorn are your soft hands
Like your heart
When I see you everything seems new to me and I believe
That you're the best of me
In you I see a thousand new promises, a decree,
Blessed are you nina from God

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