Dicen Por Ahi translation of lyrics

English translation of Dicen Por Ahi by Thalia
You want to know where I'm from
You point somewhere
Of your own land am
With the same delivery I go
It's the same sunlight
That saw you born
Also what race am I
That origin or condition
Of the human race I am
I feel like I'm beside you
A single destination that we vera grow
Take off the bandage at once
And he starts looking without distinction
Those differences you see
The heart doesn't recognize them
Blend of colors, blend of flavors
We are all one, one equal to all, here or there
Mix of illusions, fill hearts
Chain of life, one voice
Singing to the peace EEO eo
I want to love breathing eeeo eo
And you begin

Music video Dicen Por Ahi – Thalia

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