Osito Carpintero translation of lyrics

English translation of Osito Carpintero by Thalia
This was a bear carpenter
Who lived very poor
She cried because her bears
We chillaban of hunger
The Magpie stole his hammer.
Nails and serrote
Cried because your tool
I could not buy
-hey papacito, I want bread-
-child of my life there
A nice, rich deer
That I hear the bear's grief
He gave forty coins
Tool and material
And the bear with its six bears
Made bikes
With sweet orange wheels
And with their horns (beep, beep)
The cat bought all
To race
Against the Bunnies
The royal palace
And to win this big money
And gave the deer a festival
And today you have such great treasure
That every bear has given
Three costalitos gold
A thousand honey and bread toys

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