Sangre Caliente translation of lyrics

English translation of Sangre Caliente by Thalia
You were dancing, among the people
You were hiding, indifferent
I was in the bar, well accompanied
But I could not avoid it, and you look sideways
And it started to get hot, and I asked for another drink.
Where I grab the sweat, while seguias dancing
And so were marked, and so were marked
Hot blood, hot blood.
And you seguias moving, and you were laughing
And that you closed your eyes, and you bit your lips
And I do not support more, and I close to your side
You looked right at me, with that burning look.
And we started dancing, and we kept kissing.
Your brown skin was burning, and rasgunaste my back
And so we were marked forever
And so we were marked forever.
Hot blood, hot blood.
And I told you to go out, and you followed me quietly.
And we came to the sea, which we mojo mystery
As the reggae sounded, in the sea full of people
We made love with hot blood.

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