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Luchi / Golos translation of lyrics

Also known as Начинай лаять (йеа lyrics.

English translation of Luchi / Golos by Thomas Mraz
Let's set fire to this sky
Take popcorn and coke,
And then sit down together
And we will look at the planets
Give each other cassettes
With your favorite childhood movies
Let's make hot love
And then the rain will come from the ashes
Comfort me, comfort me
Just know that you belong with me.
Get off me, get off me, I'm your Kai, baby
Be my Snow Queen
Be gentle, give me strength
You're my mascot, baby, remember?
Just know, baby, that I'm with you forever.
(know, know, know, know)
If suddenly in one day I will become dumb
You will see the rays from my eyes
I will speak with them
And those words will be kind to you (yea!)
On your the eyelashes fall asleep my world
Cradle your mouth became my
You know that's not a lie.
You know, you know.
Part Ii: Golos
If you don't leave
I'll chain you up
So what are you waiting for?
Gold covered copper
You like flowers,
But more drops of wax and a lash
You need to undress
Before you ask me to sing
... Botox
If there is latex
You always start on your own
So don't you dare cry
You're not so cold anymore
You began to melt
Is there something you want to tell me? (ha!)
Start barking!
Start barking, start barking, bitch!
Start barking, start barking!
Start barking, start barking! (of yeah!)
Start barking, start barking!
Voice, voice!
Start barking
Voice, voice!
Start barking (yea!)
Voice, voice!
Start barking (yea!)
Voice, voice!
Start barking

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