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La Momia translation of lyrics

English translation of La Momia by Tierra Santa
A day in Egypt
A pharaoh died
His life and his body
This world left
And a cloth covered
His sacred face
His soul the deceased
Not wanted to save
That's why his body
Could not reach
To touch the threshold
The threshold of another world
And now this
Willing to travel
But Osiris
You'll have to judge
If his body did in life
Your soul deserves
Forty gods witness his law
While he confesses
The sin of yesterday
And the verdict
Let them know.
Condemned to wander
Until the end of time
Locked in the grave
That one day the forjo
Your fate death changed
And in the mummy she turned you
And now you are the guardian
Of those who like you
They wanted to be immortal

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