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English translation of Best Club by Timbaland
How many yall gotta touch, then found out Sins too much
Uncut, cant touch
You remind me, of ..., you bitch-ass ...
Up North, drawers off, snitch ass ...
Now Im hangin with superstars, and ... them in the cocktail room
After the nuttin, sweep 'em out with the broom
Mag ghetto as ever but mocheddar
Used to smoke dub sacks now just pound (?)
But I got a sweet tooth for crime but never kill
I run with steel, stay in the house, put my dick up in Jill
Poppin usin the pill, never did it before
I wanna see how it feel, when you ... wit my skill
I make a mil'(?), ... much fine in weather
Fams wipin they tongues a little
Mag run for the street, or for the block
Brand new cribs still dissin the pot
Some bums take change see
Neighbors lookin at Mag strangely
Find theyself, hangin from a tree
But Im a real life gleeful
"Alias"is next, but that ... aint diesel (?)
Yo, I used to keep it on the low when I was younger
But now Im big boss in the game, come let me show you somethin
So whatchu need is a tech or a four-five calico with a nose wide
And women dont know when to slow slide
My A-k in the cut, with my 'dro hidin
I keep them hookers holdin my fort, and keep a low vibe
I heard the feds hate me cause Im so live
From five oclock to four-oh-five sellin quarters and dimes
Even Magoo got a watch I aint dumb
Aint no familiars in this place where Im slingin it from
I got wholesale weight, that low-sale weight
Or any kind of weight that make my dough flow stright
Cause Im oh so great, real thugs, no fake
Thats why they down to play me on radio stations and rotations
Thugs hate - everything I stand fo', throw hands fo'
Make plans fo', roll on yocamp fo'
Laid back in the same colored Escalade
Run over rappers that test the brake
Leave you under the jeep and test your faith
Put it in reverse and, crush your face
Go to court, tell the judge ... the case
Go to jail, no bail, cut your face
Get it right ..., you dealin with apes
I came for the safe now show me the cake, uhh
Listen, as soon Im on the show you struggle in raps
Anticipate nickel plates, man, right where you sat
Like a panel ... under your shirt, picture that
How your childs gonna burp when you losin your lap?
Hey, Im bringin the shade, dont floss in the day
... think they so cold like they jewelry okay
Im hittin hoes, respondin like you charmin the dame
Crackin up like, "Damn, which one of yall paid?"
A pretty boy got hookers thinkin that the blows dont trade
Thats the day that the curls slide under the braid
Ill give you somethin sharp to raise that line in your fade
Different ligaments torn for every round thats sprayed
Puttin hoes into groups and spittin them up like Jake
Du-rags aint safe, bullets skip through waves
Ill hop drive-thru, pop somethin in Dave
I aint from around yoway, ... Im from V-a

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