Meet in the Middle translation of lyrics

Also known as You complain about the things that I don't do lyrics.

English translation of Meet in the Middle by Timbaland
Baby, I've been in the middle,
I've been givin' you more than a little,
Had the ball then you ... dribble,
I guess that love is a riddle.
You never listen, I don't ever get my point across,
I washed ya dirty draws, you out with dirty broads,
You did me dirty, dawg, 'cos yous a dirty dog,
It's a quittin' call, and I ain't mad at all,
I gave you more than you deserve,
I was worth it all,
Bottom line, I hope you find what you searchin' for.
You hurt me, say I hurt you,
And I complain about the things that you don't do,
And I don't wanna take the blame, neither do you.
We got too much to lose.

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