Ugly God
Welcome to the Booty Tape translation of lyrics

English translation of Welcome to the Booty Tape by Ugly God
Thanks Ugly God, thanks Ugly God, thanks Ugly God, thanks Ugly God, thanks Ugly God
I spent that check on my neck
I got yo bitch drippin', she wet (drip)
..., please don't disrespect
My ..., they grippin' them Tecs (pew pew pew)
I pull up and pick up that check
I go to yo crib, put my dick in yo sister
Yo bitch on my line, I pull up and I drill her
Don't D. M. me, ..., don't hit me on Twitter
Damn, I am the G. O. A. T, admit it (yeah)
I ... on yo bitch 'cause she with it
These ... so broke, I don't get it (the ...? )
I need me a milli', let's get it (ayy)
I always say I need a milli' (ayy)
I probably won't stop 'til I cop me a milli' (ayy)
When I touch a milli', I'll cop me a Bentley (ayy)
So let me stack up 'cause my pockets look empty
You ... and bitches irrelevant
I need me that check, I pay hella rent
My pockets thicker than a elephant
I do this rap shit for the hell of it
2016, bitch I coulda been President
Bitch I'm the shit, I came up and it's evident
Don't call me brother, no we are not relatives
You ... are snakes, yuh (snakes)
These bitches is fake, yuh (fake)
I see that you hate, yuh (bitch)
I count up this cake, yuh (i run up that cash)
You savin' these hoes, lil' ... (the ...? )
I cannot relate, yuh (cannot relate)
But get you a cape, yuh (yuh)
Say hey to my tape, yuh, bitch
Thanks Ugly God, thanks Ugly God, thanks Ugly God, thanks Ugly God

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