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English translation of Wendy by Ultimo
Our real home
We flew over the rooftops.
And people didn't understand
How nice to be naive
With children's eyes
I looked at her and then I noticed
In his heart too alone
Wendy, lend me your dream.
That I don't have any anymore
If I need to dream
A life in which you are
But Take Me by the hand without the slightest fear
This world is worth little and gives only other fears
For a little second, just be sure
That problems are elsewhere, now you can also be without
I've abandoned reality since I wrote a song.
I'm sad for people, who no longer feel emotion
And sad to name all our feelings
I can only say Take Me Back to Wendy
From Wendy, na na na
I remember we were at the top
Like a child without tears
I confused his eyes.
With the color of the clouds
And I'm lonely now
That you're gone
Look around you, and when you know I'm going to do it,
They are all too equal and compete in the world
Please Wendy listen, don't end up like them
With the heart under the ground and with the dream of a job
Ask yourself what's really going to stay in the end.
There will be only the courage of those who have tried
To dedicate space only to the true feelings
And at night she dreamed of running away with Wendy
To run away with Wendy, na na na

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