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Камикадзе translation of lyrics

English translation of Камикадзе by Умка и Броневик
I don't know what the Kama Sutra is
I don't know what Kali Yuga is F G C Am
I don't know what Yasunari Kawabata F G C Am
In the biography of Cobain obscenities understand F G C Am
I'm not Nani Bregvadze
I'm kamikaze
I'm not Timothy Leary
I - harakiri
More precisely, I-a samurai,
Where's the road to heaven?
I don't know what origami is.
I don't know how much polygamy costs
I don't know how many notes are in your scale,
But the earth burns beneath our feet
I don't know what Hari Krishna is
I don't know what a third wheel is.
I don't know what Mata Hari is.
I know-right hand right in the face
I play in Sochi, and Samara, and in the Sahara
In Kalahari, in Zanzibar, in Caligari's office
I don't know what is with that,
But the whole of Moscow singing the Blues with my submission
I don't know what Yasunari Kawabata is
I am a tsunami, I'm a tornado, not get me to the Arbat
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