Allein translation of lyrics

English translation of Allein by Unzucht
Where did they all go?
What else makes sense?
If no one is standing by Your Side?
Everyone for themselves
Abel missed by Cain
Divided, ruled, defeated, so it shall be
And I wonder: Are we alone?
Will no one be with us until the end?
What happened to us?
There is no ...
Envy disfigured beyond recognition
Who believes to be in the right?
Who throws the first stone?
Vanity and greed, and betrayal
And you ask yourself: Are we alone?
Will no one be with us until the end?
You don't have to be lonely alone
Not recovered by others
You can be happy with yourself
In the Clan alone with worries
So I wear it with serenity
When society is lacking
Because man is usually in Vanity
Instead gathered in reason

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