Also known as Нет, это ветер lyrics.

English translation of Икуба by В.П.Р. и фестиваль всего на свете
I'm the wind, chasing crows in the sky,
I'm the wind, throwing leaves on the ground,
I'm the wind, slamming the door,
The garden gate unlocked for the night
I am the wind, I am in the sky,
I am the wind, I am above the water,
I'm the wind in your hair,
I dog buried my face in your palm
I am the wind, and I know no peace,
I am a stranger to heaven and earth,
I spit at passersby in the sleet in the night,
I toss the sand, I'm crumbling bricks
I'm the wind-bird, the minaret by the window,
Ashes flew, beak crumbles stone,
Crying like a child and the demon laughs,
Forever in the sky, himself not knows what wants,
Wind in the yellow dunes, tumbleweeds,
Wind bird in the sky, wind fish in sea
Wind-friend, wind-brother,
Wind-God, wind-enemy.
You left on the sand sick tired feet,
Stehr dispelled the wind, and there is no turning back.
See the birds in the sky?
No, it's the wind!
See the fish in the sea?
No, it's the wind!
See the lizards in the stone?
No, it's the wind!
See the snakes in the grass?
No, it's the wind!
The wind is thirsty, naked desert
Rocks, sand and loose rock,
The wind will throw rain on the ground,
Vomit the seed of the succulent stem,
Will pull out the roots, tear the roof,
See, the sky breathes wind.
Here the clouds brought the drought has passed.
Wind in the sky, wind over water,
And I grabbed your hand like a dog.
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