Валерий Курас
Лаве translation of lyrics

English translation of Лаве by Валерий Курас
And I your eyes slanted
Kiss greedily as I want
I'm not asking you questions.
About myself sometimes silent
Wild child without since courageous
At least dad escaped Asian
You're my unripe berry
My young aphrodisiac: (2x)
And the girl in the head La La La La Not ay Lav Yu, and let me lave La La La l,
But I obidi not hide La La La La Give lave for ay Lav Yu Nature woman appointed
Keep fire, raise children,
But there are many more tempting
And achievable prospects
Quicker need to run eyes
And more fun to remove guipure,
And before you know showering caresses
Tastefully brand new bills
And the girl in the head
(let let me lave lave)
Let us be considered immoral
And condemn, will ride roughshod over,
But it's not abnormal
Our immoral passion
Menachot young so green on the greens by all and Sundry
Goes across the earth proven
Usamobility exchange
Let the girls in the head

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