Валерий Ободзинский
Девушка translation of lyrics

English translation of Девушка by Валерий Ободзинский
I want you
How I loved
Really, it was
So long ago.
I remember often at night
I wandered through the alleys of the garden,
To whisper through the open window
Girl! Girl!
And when I met her
I thought -
She heard,
How anxious my
At that moment there was a knock -
You're the only one in the world,
You're alone
Girl! Girl!
I wanted to smile at her,
And hands to touch her,
Would you name me
I would be the happiest!
Girl! Girl!
Still she I
Dream in white
I dream that
I'm in love again
She tells me,
Love, your
Open arms,
I'm happy, but it's
Only dream
Girl! Girl!

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