Vanilla Ice
Dunn Datt translation of lyrics

Also known as Dunn Natt lyrics.

English translation of Dunn Datt by Vanilla Ice
Married to Hip Hop and thats how it is
Im the illest Caucasian, rhymes a blazin, 17
Platinum, ... diamond amazin, Now just
Listen to the sound I kick, Chillin with the Track
Stars, watchin gangsta flicks, Now what he
Know about me, Know Ive been there and done
It, Celebrity status, You know Ive done rocked
Over a hundred million, Leave my mark straight
Up in this game, V Ice homie, and you will never
Forget my name, Already had the fame, I felt the
Mental sprain, Ive dealt with the haters and the
Self-inflicted pain, And Im stained, scarred with
The life of a rock star, Mansions and parties
Drugs and them hot cars, Fifty three foot yachts
Pocket full of lots, Hundreds like Im wanted by
The cops but Im not, so
The moral of story is What doesnt kill you makes you
Stronger, Believe that, Im done with all that
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