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Cheap Slasher translation of lyrics

English translation of Cheap Slasher by Velial Squad
Again make combos
Around wave of the living zombies
Teeth smoke bomb
The orderly in the catacombs
Hand gripping a katana
I'm flying on a granite slab
Across the rivers of corpses
Gliding on the grave cross
My Spliff is a sword
New merch on the bones
Our sound is like a tornado
Flow is bitter like bile
Every day on hardmode
Clean the lenses from the flesh
You couldn't say no
Sound - pure drug
Cheap slasher, Yes, I'm sick
We're waiting for evening, creatures sea
Darkness covered the street map
I play like a madman
Shells fly like a snowfall
Jump up white Cheetah
Smoke mowing down all the machine
Grey concrete with a brush poster
Young Varg
Black-black forest
Young Varg - fucking-goddamn devil
In the night the cross is turned
Eternal unholy gesture
So much blood from the larynx
Like a cheap slasher
If Twenty One
My knife flies into your new Thrasher
I need to stretch
Where did it come from?
Cut them into slices
You thought you were saved
The mask will replace my skin
Swore the truth wouldn't tell anyone
I've heard it so many times, Oh my God,
But face it, he won't help you anymore

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