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From da Shadows translation of lyrics

English translation of From da Shadows by Velial Squad
The shadow people were mowed down by plague
Along the charred bodies of the demonic howl
Only the night listens to the abyss, steal like an outcast
Chthonic Ghost my house under the ground
Under the ribcage pus, depressed mood
The horseman of death with a scythe, mayhem beats in unison
Darkness on the scales, in the deep woods
On black mass with goat heads, under waves of bass
My mind is spinning
In the icy tomb of a snow-covered grotto
At the burning gate we will be hidden in the depths of Gehenna flames
Velial clan - devil worship
The vow - the eternal cold
A look at the bloody sunrise
Let the hunt begin
Put that meat like cattle
The ghostly light cast a gleam on the Windows
Parade of the planets Viet cosmic cocoon
Universal evil is gathering strength for the March
There's a black parade and I'm its Marshal
The rain in the style of Inferno, the soil is dying from the contamination
The curse came true, you were superstitious
The power of the ancient Scriptures, after a century of wandering
Found her flesh, as in that prophecy
Through the hot sand, where the red East
Anubis raises scarlet death flower
Lord tombs and worm-eaten eye sockets
In the pyramid prepares skvad brutal killers
The necropolis will open its doors to the world
White noise and interference instead of ether
Don't get in touch with your Lord God
Lava pours from the heavens the crimson flow

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