Вероника Долина
Песня О Маленькой Любви translation of lyrics

English translation of Песня О Маленькой Любви by Вероника Долина
The little love - little hands,
Short arms, big eyes.
In her soul singing unknown sounds,
She doesn't need earthly voices.
Priceless forces of your lives without taking,
Without closing your eyes, without opening your mouth,
Live yourself, live your deaf
Holy deafness, Holy silence.
A little love - no jealousy, no flattery.
And why, tell her the envy or flattery?
Little love has no conscience, no honor.
How did she know it was anywhere?
At her short age. Don't spit in her well,
And look boldly into the eyes of fate itself.
Let your freak live in the world!
Give yourself an hour, give yourself half an hour.
A little love - no fury, no flour.
The star rose for a moment, the water went into the sand.
The little love - little hands,
Huge eyes, sad voice

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