Вероника Долина
Рыжий Джек translation of lyrics

English translation of Рыжий Джек by Вероника Долина
Red man Jackie,
Red Jackie o'neill!
I wish you hadn't been born forever,
Only you in the executioners did not go.
Be you a saddler, a blacksmith and a carpenter,
Whether the rogue - look-fistula
Be Ranger or hunter -
Only, Jack, do not go to the executioner!
Red Jack! Your Jenny and Katie
They won't follow you,
You'll be in the world,
If you are, Jack, the executioner.
Be a sailor and leave the land,
And find your light in the night.
Who's gonna save your soul red,
If, Jack, you go to the executioner?
Red Jack! The reddest in the world!
These are new times.
You're tired and the horse is soapy.
Drop the bridle and stirrups.
Become a tramp, the last hawk,
Drink it all-from head to toe,
But don't be neither the jailer or the guard -
It's the executioners, son.
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