Вероника Долина
Уроки Музыки translation of lyrics

English translation of Уроки Музыки by Вероника Долина
Play all the etudes by Czerny!
And no filth in the world
Not on your fingers.
All ten of the busy study,
The work, in fact - a miracle,
Let's not forget that!
And the sound of maykapar's foreplay!
A change of cold and heat,
Which cost me lesson!
And then I don't play,
Where did that come from?
What's the use of me, armless?
But time passed, and I got used to it.
The name Peltier has arisen,
And the teacher broke down.
I didn't disdain music!
But it was too obvious to me:
What's the use of me, armless?
So where have you been, Mozart, Schubert?
They're going to kill me
Where are you, Chopin and Mendelssohn?
So the damage is irreparable,
Although sleep is elusive,
It was once inflicted on me.
These pictures are irrevocable.
Those names are incredible:
Clementi, Czerny, Maikapar
I still don't understand!
But I do not remember them dashing,
And remember: school-cold-heat.
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