Вероника Долина
Уйди Из-под Этой Крыши translation of lyrics

English translation of Уйди Из-под Этой Крыши by Вероника Долина
Get out from under this roof -
You've grown taller,
You've grown too big -
Go away, you hear!
And your house goes to your brother,
Don't touch anything in it,
Go your own way
And forget the way back.
And we will divide your land,
After all, we are happy for her,
You're still a bum
You're a tramp, bro.
As a bride your different,
Yes he and a little stronger will,
She'd leave home -
She'll cry and forget.
Why are you standing there, you filthy,
Go away, have mercy,
They already have a ring,
Il want to hold a candle to them,
In fact, there already and the wedding too!
And he went out, the window: -
Goodbye, - shouts, - my baby,
Sorry - screams - my God!
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