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English translation of Номерок by Виктор Третьяков
You're just like me:
You're back from the war.
You have a family, of course,
And hence the guilt.
Your whole life is on the clock,
But sits within a worm
You have long understood itself,
For getting hooked!
You used to fly where you wanted to,
However, he decided to forget everything:
You came from another Star,
And other bloodlines, then.
You're just like him:
And he in subway, as if, fell asleep,
He sat on the ring in the car
In General, he deceived himself.
Himself came up with the world,
Where in a circle thinking about her
Like, lost a number
From its cherished dreams.
He used to look at the sky,
All that tried to love,
He came from another Star,
It other blood, therefore.
You are just like God,
(I told you a hundred times!)
He has a number
The one you " lost."
And, if not hinder miracles,
Will be even broom bloom
That's what yourself can come up with,
That's how lucky you'll be!
You've always flown where you wanted to,
You're the one who decided to forget
You came from another Star,
You're of other blood, then.
You're just like me
I'm just like you

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