Vivienne Mort
Остання роль translation of lyrics

Also known as Я обйму тебе, любий lyrics.

English translation of Остання роль by Vivienne Mort
This is my last role
Last role,
And gave will gave will
One hundred roku samotnosc
Or the solitude of oblivion
Amore, we
Meet again
I'll hold your hands
I prigorny x to heart
Are you nuts?.
What are you talking about?.
Meet again
I'll hug you, darling
I'll sing us a song
Are you nuts?
Can you see the pressure?
Yes, it is MJ ostanni BL
Ostanni BL
I will not tolerate Nadal
Go away, I'll let you in
N, always, I know everything
Give me your hand
Balm to my sick soul
A balm for sad MO heart
How strange that it
And gave beats
Give me your hand
I'll hug you, darling
I'll sing us a song
Are you nuts?. You see how?.
Well, you see, I'm you?.
You see me?. You see me?.
You see me?.

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