Oi na na na (ой на на на) translation of lyrics

English translation of Oi na na na (ой на на на) by W.K.?
Different colors surround me
They shimmer, but are combined in tone,
But there are two main colors:
Black and white
Just two outlines of the limit
Black and white stripes-life road
Wind straight hair is freedom
Is freedom in all freedom everywhere
You're free for life
Lucky you!
No one is eternal, nothing is eternal on Earth
Yesterday, you told me yourself. Forest conservation,
Lakes, rivers, seas, cities told me the same thing
Winter and summer all one color, all one color!
To make you think it's smoke, not fire. We're blind
We will always be the first for you, not the second. Worlds
Not investigated by us. Sometimes we ourselves
We don't know where we'll find it, where we'll lose it
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