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Code red, which means you go red,
But I don't knock you I just blame it on your old head, rats!
Malcolm X, get yo hand out my pocket!
Some ... walking with death,
Guess, they ran out of options.
Tell them ..., we movin',
Tell them ... to do it,
I swear we going H. A. M,
Though some my ... Sunni,
They burn on every block,
Snitches here don't got no heart.
Shit ain't been the same since Ronald Regan
Helped Plymouth Rock,
And we ain't land on that Mr. Reagan,
But this gon make us rich Mr. Reagan.
Now as-salamu alaykum - wa'alaykums-salam,
She kneel down every Friday and then go to jummah,
Let'em play with her box,
She give the greatest top.
She say these ... is her pray and she makes salah.
Word, how they say that we not fly?
How they say that we not workin'?
They just need convincing like Malcolm Little
'fore he converted.
I'm on my grind,
Inshallah, I'm on my deen and Imma get'er right,
On the Bible, you can run
But you can't hide.
Marching for cause, they put a hole in it,

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