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Salut D'amour translation of lyrics

English translation of Salut D'amour by Wedding Music Experts: The O'Neill Brothers
She try to visit every week now she dead broke-
She missed one weekend because she needed flow-
He cursed her out-called her names-made the girl cry-
She wont accept his phone calls-and he wonder why-
She got another na in her life now-
She tired of kissin a and getting cursed out-
He found the will to chill-now he on the turf-
Told the girl lies-promised that he gon work-
She left that na-went back to that same jit-
He copped a vert-on ther corner doin the same st-
She ...-you told me things-and I believed them all-
They stay together-got a condo up in C.C.-
A water bed-big screen t.v.-
He getting money but he aint savin none up-
Dropped a grip-bought his big new dodge truck-
He sixteen but he deep in the dope game-
Got connections to them boys slangin cocaine-
He got a name-all the hs call him diamond dk-
But he got robbed one night for this big lick-
They had the ups-he couldnt buck-down to gave it up-
They got all his jewelry-10 grand-and his new truck-
And now he back on his dk but he pissed off-
He knew the jack boys got him-go and take em out-
He got drunk one night and told his boys off in the hood-
How he got his money back and now he doin good-
He ridin round his city with the same gun-
Police pulled the boy-booked a murder 1-
He made the news-now he famous got a lil rep-
Done left his lady and his baby- all by they self-
Jumped on a plea-5 for 3-
Now its cold comin from his dog Jb-
Jb drivin his shit-... his best bitch-
Supposed to be best friends-and he done crossed the jit-
And he holla at his shorty every week-kinda mad at the h so they dont speak-
Outta sight-outta mind-cuz he got time-
And he aint getting out until 2029-
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