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Drunk in Love (remix) translation of lyrics

Also known as We be all night lyrics.

English translation of Drunk in Love (remix) by The Weeknd
... stop your bitchin'
Everybody makin' money,
We don't need to kick it
I'm chillin' with my ...,
Everybody got a crib
Did an album just to do it,
Droppin' albums like a pill
Percocets, Adderall,
Ecstasy, ..., money, weed
Faded for a week,
I don't sleep, ... my enemies
Try to stay sane
Is like a full time hobby
Everything I do,
Fake ... always copy
All I want to do
Is go on tour and drop albums
And if I live forever,
Probably drop a hundred thousand
Dick made out of magic,
My tongue got superpowers
I woke up in the mornin',
Models passed out in the shower
And I woke up in the kitchen saying
"How the hell did this shit happen? "
Oh baby, drunk in love
We be all night
The last thing I remember
Is your beautiful body grindin' in the club
Drunk in love
We be all night, love, baby, love
We be all night, love, baby, love

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