The Weeknd
The Hills (eminem Remix) translation of lyrics

Also known as The only time that I'll be by your side lyrics.

English translation of The Hills (eminem Remix) by The Weeknd
When I'm ... up, that's the real me, babe
And every time he hurt you, I heard you
Your shoulder to cry on
And I'll be damned if I weren't who you turned to
You said he drove you to my arms
But don't you know, remember when I told you
I would never let down my guard
And I hope you feel like dirt when I hold you
Cause is it really over?
But you just want a little company
And you just really wanna thrill seek
Said you left him for good this time
Bullshit, what your friends do, spill beans?
Or you just wanna be guilt free and still creep
But these hills see, from that Pov
We can touch but the only way you'll film me
Is with a camera, feel me?
You're nothing but a barfly
You got your sights set on the one who you run to
But I'm a far cry from what you might get, if we come true
So keep texting me, but at night, if you seek those thrills
What I expect to be?
Cause if you cheat on him just means I will be the next to be
Your ex, so no complexities, just sex
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