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Los Noto Fraudulentos translation of lyrics

Also known as Sentiran el fuego de mis canciones lyrics.

English translation of Los Noto Fraudulentos by Wisin Y Yandel
I'm Yandel
I'm Yandel
I'm Yandel
They want to kill us.
But take it out and give it two in the helmet so they can learn
(verse 1)
I am the one who does not die
This is the man, I'm here
I invite you to my war where a human being no longer survives
And I kill them, and I kill them
They already regret being opponents
Stepping on foreign ground, luck
It's not the same anymore, it's not the same anymore
(verse 2)
I', I notice you fraudulent pana
Be careful with the tangles you plan
That you want
To be seen in a funeral home
But whether it's accidental or produced
By my stage or by an animal
Your death will be fatal, because you already tire
But this one always comes forward and also sings
Slit throats, souls ...
But use imagination and load your mind
Reserve space and observe, yo'
As if by ungrateful, they suffer from mistreatment
Or are blinded by an apparatus
That he has fourteen bullets and a mouth shut, I'
Big mouth shut
Yesterday I saw you crying blood
Murmuring the lament of your sorrows
So are the rules, just for sinners
You will feel the fire of my songs
So are the rules, just for sinners
You will feel the fire of my songs
(verse 3)
In this new facet I have new goals
And I want to make known my secret weapons
But if you wake up in a ditch it's because you don't respect
And you're rude you have no interest
And then all ten of you explode.
Or you get three in the head.
And how these rhymes weigh, exclusive but my offense
It gives me initiative and negative attitudes
Of people without sudden, make this fugitive
Be directed to the file and not compassionate, and if I activate the device
For some reason there won't be many alive.
This preventive notice
It's to let you know that Wisin is effective, I'

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