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Royal Rumble (se Van) translation of lyrics

Also known as El general de la vieja y de la nueva escuela lyrics.

English translation of Royal Rumble (se Van) by Wisin Y Yandel
Ladies and gentlemen!
Welcome to another chapter!
The history of reggaeton!
"The Benjamins"!
We are the dream team
Partner, walk with the street ensuring
I don't want to blank, pa'
Look, partner, stay out of my business.
This tumbao with me not going
Ando soleao, with my combo activao
Watching if someone throws a tramp
A misstep on you, charlatan
And you die (they go!)
Think Well if you want to fight with me (go away)
I'm ready to eat them alive.)
I have the finger on the click
It is only a matter of removing the insurance
If I want abuse
Think hard if you want to fight with me.
I'm ready pa' comermelos alive
I have the finger on the click
It is only a matter of lowering the insurance
There is only an attempt to
Mirenme, as a humble reveals
The general of the old and new school
If you don't know history, you better shut up.
Who's been killing here since Playe ' time?
When there was no radio, video or press
I made the street, to cough, you their labels
From the beginning many people I have tirao
I'm still alive and respetao, no one I have off
They want to sow fear as Jack the Ripper
And you put hand, it is true, but in the zipper
And I don't care if they have combo, if they have cake.
I shoot my enemies with traffic and my escort.
Mirenme, as a humble reveals
The general of the old and new school
Hey, kid, do not get involved
I'm the only veteran with the new blood.
A giant here, as well
They only give it a cover when they talk about me.
See Me on Bet, Trl on Mtv, please!
You can't go up here.
You want to get to my level? I will give you two solutions:
Sing more and don't talk so much shit in your songs
I continue to rise everyday
The past, present and future way
If this were the Nba
Out Dr. J, Jordan and Lebron James
Open up to the minister, I supply
I control the streets and the gistros
Professor moreno controlling the road
Posteao on the stairs
With the donkey you tavaco and wood
The messenger with monium and who walks in loathing
I paste here it will match
Come and saquenmelo of caserio
That I walk with the trunk and with the cold back
Don't get caught in a canoe cart.
Abanza como, titichaguas por el área de Caguas
Will be rain of bullets, buy an umbrella
Bobo, I'm the kingpin, you just yell " water!"
You're a rat, keep singing for the Cats
In this street, daddy, you can be my snub
Try to back me up.
Take it by the shore or I'll take it out.)
You want to feel the snore, keep throwing crazy bullets
Soca', 'tas guerreando con el mothafcka'
I got you on Coke, get out of the trucka lane.
Mamabicho, I you don't I fit through the mouth
I'll give you my calves
I kill like the Hill
Mamahierro, plan pa' burial
Much guille pa' then call dogs
I don't fear death, I never hold on to life.
I'm from criao street, lots of lives eh privau
I walk with a star in my chest and the brunette with the lao
You're a criao Fool, don't be such a caripelao
If you don't want me to blow your chest, walk with cuidao.
Dejense see that I want to know who is going tumbarme the flight
Every time I go on to' these old they stop the hairs
Hypocrites, I do not greet, and break the ice
Hablame claro and pal land, came before ok
The brunette and me guille that the threshing
In black bag and camilla I went to the miles
Like he brushes them, gives them fire and lifts them from the floor
And always faithful get them
(you are my children!)
Rappers, calm their "brutality"
You guys pay me royalties."
Both read I do not speak of "loyalty"
I know who coughs envy my flow and my versatility"
And can not with my "productivity"
You don't have an opportunity with me."
Therefore, comparense with my "capacity"
Keep chewing on what Luny does, the beat."
And Don't punt a "hit"
Come to me if you want to see me die
Seeing me in a coffin isn't gonna be easy.
There is only one attempt, "enemy"
Come to me if you want to see me die
Seeing me in a coffin isn't gonna be easy.
There is only one attempt, "enemy"
You sound good but sometimes random
None of them are as mad as ever, wonderful.
The ability to sing and rap came
Versatility and hard to copy style
The wonder, the underworld acclaims me
And I understand that ' toy prepared for money and fame
They criticize me because the best of the rookies believe me.
Not that I think, is that none equal to my wordy
I was known for being including the first
Daddy, I'm the favorite pirate.
I am the one who kills you
Pa' to talk clear, papi
The favorite of your cats gifts stretch in my
The most that sounds in the "scooter" and the motorites
(arcangel pa'!)
(don't copy yourself, Daddy!)
Today my snail comb goes on tour
Until you knocked out a couple pa' back no welt
My mana, take the shore, put on the slippers
Because today you're gonna run more than a mile.
(who is it?) climbs "A" cap "To"
String crunched with "A""
I am, criminal-criminal
I don't object, much less bother.
When I pull will answer
(blam, blam!)
Daddy Yankee, Hector "El father", Yomo
Don Omar, Zion, Arcangel, Alexis
The Royal Rumble
In The Benjamins only hahahaha
Ladies and Gentlemen
Welcome to another chapter in the history of reggaeton
The Benjamins
The Star Team, W "the Survivor," Yandel
Franco The 'Gorilla'
"The Big Boss" Daddy
Luny Tunes, one million, one million copies obligao
Poster comig soon
The Benjamins, We are the "Dream Team"
The true essence
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