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Soy De La Calle translation of lyrics

Also known as Si entras no sales lyrics.

English translation of Soy De La Calle by Wisin Y Yandel
Mera my brother
There are four types of Cowboys in this life.
There's the Cowboys out there, Billy the kid's guillaos.
And never have disparao a rifle pellets
Are the cowboys that kill
Those who have Wars and enemies
Those are the ones that always walk around with other cowboy
If a tirote0
Are the jeans that rise
Every morning at the dawn of God
To find them because they have families to feed
And small boys that take pa lante
And are the cowboys who lead the movement
Reggaeton worldwide
I am of the street
Without giving you details
With Yandel
If you throw me don't miss
The Cowboys
I do not fear anyone
Are many years already
Criao in residential
If you get no sales
Hey you know
Because I am of the street
I do not fear anyone
Today is Thursday and I'm in Varon Jimenez's Mercedes.
My instinct stops me
Gallego: Hey W and those lambones that's what they want
Ja Papi quiet that today they will die
Arranco pa Gautier Benitez
Galician: Mere let's hit those pigs
Daddy don't ajites
That if competing
And make me irritate Ja
I'm going to give that melts Chekiamos
I turn to the barriada Morales
With an abnormal pal
Of various residential
Galician: Mera que hace por ahi doble
It is exploded the war low metals Chekiamos
I'm going to 55 smoking a bonsai.
Pulling for scanners that I pa Turabo High
Gallego: Matatan is the one
That these suckers have to know that I'm their pai
Yandel: ehhhh
I am of the street
Don't pass the perimeter.
Without giving detail
If you throw me don't miss
They know
I do not fear to nadi
Who are we?
Criao in residential
Uh Uh Uh
If you get no sales
Because I am of the street
W with Yandel!
I do not fear anyone
Sueltala hard
I get mine there rubbing
Already are the twelve
I'm gonna take the donkey out of the closet.
I'm going to see which of these crazy to me makes a pose
Pa que me destrose doi them I with that toce
I am the mine in connection with malvina
Who's in a protector already leaving Carolina
In the direction of catalinas
Tas pending in pa that I go down the drum of smurfette
I start of in a hurry
To avoid the pestle
Calling Castellon'm way pa breeze
Galician: Mera Franco what are we going to do with these people
Ja if they get caught let me know
It sounds to Me the celu again and are Alcaeda
The Muslims of Los Alamos and La Rosadela
In connection with Barbosa to make the wheel bigger
And whoever goes down there stays there.
Galician: tacos ready pai
I am of the street
My respect
Without giving detail
For all Puerto Rico residents
If you throw me don't miss
I do not fear anyone
You know
Criao en residenciale
Hard Hard Hard Hard
If you get no sales
W with Yandel
Because I am of the street
The pillars have arrived
I do not fear anyone
There are two or three putting the foot in pa that I unda
That's why I'm ready with the trunk of the second.
With a tobacco and a holster
If you refuse send flowers to the grave
I get the alien Aja
You want to to show you you're crazy
Show you?
Daddy's already green from Ponce to Equestrian Park
Your what you are looking for is that you hijack
Touch Me touch me touch me
Hear collar
If you want to lower pa quarry
That there we break the brain in the middle of the road. Okay
I don't talk about shootings
That I'm alive and proper
If undertaken by the wax
Let the neighborhoods and the cacerians be reported
Will report to The Pearl and Channels and the Monacillo
Kovadonga, Park Garden, Las Dalias and Monte Hatillo. Ahh
So get ready with the hammers
Hey brocky
Take your ticket and fly
That I'm loose with ready tools in the trunk. Jaaa
These are my habi... Okay
Sandihijuela play with me and I will peak at Manuela
Wisin you callus the stick to these crazy
I am of the street
Make way for Puerto Rico's Warriors
The duo dinamico
I am of the street
Franco El Gorilla
I do not fear anyone
Wy Records
I am of the street
Victor The Nazi
Power came
The duo of history
I am of the street
Who keeps making history in reggaeton music
I do not fear anyone
My respect to all the residential of Puerto Rico
I am of the street
Carolina, Bayamon, Hato Rey, Trujillo
I am of the street
With a lot of humility from those of Cayey
I do not fear anyone

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