Radio translation of lyrics

English translation of Radio by Yelawolf
Pick up the change, pick up the change
Ride in a Chevy cause I'm sick of the Range
Catfish Billy come pick up the name
Come inside, if your sick of the rain
Turn the radio off and don't complain
It's all a replay, it's all the same
Got one drag, on a runaway train
On a one way street better pick your lane
Yeah, but you could let me pick your brain
And we could be that Rolling Stone
Mix'em up with Janis Joplin
Let 'em harmonize like Bone
Or we could just leave it alone
Let it take on a life of it's own
Or we could be that World Class Wreckin' Cru
Tell 'em to turn the lights back on

Music video Radio – Yelawolf

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