Юрий Шатунов
Не бойся translation of lyrics

English translation of Не бойся by Юрий Шатунов
In this house your silence, you and I Wind song sings under orchestra September,
And window knocking, offended rain
He is jealous of you in the face, so what face and what face well fear Not, fear not, fear not
I won't give you to anyone
And let not hope fall
I can't be alone on a cold night
Fear not, fear not, fear not
Let the wind blow out the candle on the window
Autumn is hiding behind the Windows,
And I'm not afraid - softly whispering I
Remembering the spring rain goes crazy
Remember the rain country, good tender may
Remembers warm days, but they behind
We were friends with him, and now he's alone,
Now he's alone,
Now he's alone

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