Kiss Your Ass Goodbye translation of lyrics

Also known as And the lies that you spun spin back (around lyrics.

English translation of Kiss Your Ass Goodbye by Zebrahead
You could kill for less, ya got an axe to grind
Keep your cards to your chest like a mastermind
With a plan to infest, rage made you blind
And now all we got left, got left behind
Because you ... it up when you crossed the line
Now somethings got to give (it's got to give)
You let me down cut my lifetime
Now Im bleeding through the sieve (bleeding through the sieve)
Now grab a hold tight like a parasite
Get smashed talk trash, feed your appetite
The venom seeping in worse than the bite
And now Im giving in just to prove you right
When the walls all around come rumbling (down)
And the lies that you spun spin back (around)
Ya gettin' caught in your trap like a landmine spring
No one owes you anything (no one owes you anything, anything)
So kiss your ass goodbye
Kiss your ass goodbye
I finally realized
Its time I let you go
Thats all you need to know
Kiss your ass goodbye
When the skies up above come tumbling down
And life as you know it starts crumbling round

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