Жанна Бичевская
Песня о святых царственных мучениях translation of lyrics

Also known as Ольга, Татьяна, Анастасия lyrics.

English translation of Песня о святых царственных мучениях by Жанна Бичевская
All Russia has fallen down and barely breathing,
And not denotes deliverance hour,
Because of the serious fierce nobody can hear us,
Royal martyrs, beg us.
Kneel night at Kyoto,
Realizing that the soul left for Russia.
If there is no icon, I'm in Your photo,
Lighting candles, tearfully pray.
Nicholas, Alexandra, Alexei, Maria,
Olga, Tatiana, Anastasia.
You are like the Lord with your love,
Because not torn gold thread.
All the sins of Russia, washed away by Royal blood,
You never stop praying to God.
Beforehand everyone knew presciently saw,
Forgive me God inept verse.
All Rus of the monastery, the guardian Angels,
Closer to many relatives and relatives of relatives..
Floating in the sky in the Royal plumage,
Among the countless black and noisy flocks,
And blessing the Russian rescue
All wings baptized Orthodox Tsar.
Put life for Russia, the new
Terribly saying goodbye to life in Christ.
Yekaterinburg Russian Calvary
Seven of You were on the same Cross..
Look and not see, listening not hear,
Time runs out on the earth clock.
We are all praising the names of those put,
On the hearts of the baptized, and God in heaven.
If the bishops, finding out in detail,
Don't believe your miracles again,
According to the promise the elder the monk
Seraphim of Sarov will glorify You himself..
If this song the enemy torment me,
Not to povadno was to continue Russian,
Every Orthodox names will memorize
He will pray to them and sing with me..
Nicholas, Alexandra, Alexei, Maria,
Olga, Tatiana, Anastasia.
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