Жанна Бичевская
Я в садочке была translation of lyrics

English translation of Я в садочке была by Жанна Бичевская
I was sadochke
I was sadochke,
I tore the flowers,
I tore the flowers,
I wove wreaths.
I made wreaths,
I girlfriends name
You're my friends
You come to me.
You will come to me
Fit me,
Fit me
Like a bride to the crown.
You dress me
Dress silk,
In a white dress
And frilly.
You lead me
Past my house,
Past my house
To the clearing.
Do my dear
Won't look out the window,
Won't look out the window
Not on the porch.
Neogalenic it
Won't come down on the porch,
Not face to face,
She won't go.
In sadochke was
Flowers tore,
Wreaths wove,
Girlfriends name.
My girlfriends.

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