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Also known as Tan bella, tan bella lyrics.

English translation of Ella Ella by Zion
I'm gonna give him her, hard without shyness.
Her nakedness took me elsewhere
I'm going to give him her to quench his thirst.
Since I saw you the minute I got to you
I accept you're my obsession
You've become my addiction (addiction)
You want to take my life (woh)
Daring, you're a bandit
Who sent you to pick me up and suck me out?
You're gonna have to give the league (woh-woh-woh)
Phenomenal one, phenomenal two
Phenomenal special night
Great if I take you out to dance
Phenomenal if it says if you'll be carried away by me
Because sunrises in front of the sea
Consult the dark
And I'll ask the moon
Get warm tonight
Well, then let's be three.
I've never seen such a woman's waist
To play with the sea and make me go crazy
I've never seen women's waist like this.
With so much power to make me back
I've never seen women's waist like this.
To take me to the heights
And the stars make me see
I met you that afternoon
Full of sun and sand
A goddess in your face
And the sky between your legs

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