Юго-восточная Европа translation of lyrics

English translation of Юго-восточная Европа by Змей
Who said that Rostov is not on the map,
Brains not Desk, not there are looking for.
"You know, we're a lot taller, you hear?"
I'm talking to you.
The boys from Krasnodar are already here and eager to fight.
I have someone with me who makes the beats look great.,
The notes are bright with all sorts of old noises.
Know that all that is ours is yours, do not forget. (coughs) -
Excuse me, cough It's just the years take the rappers with the experience.
Let's just say we often met in a close circle of friends.
The bitches lined up like a mausoleum.
We took a couple of bags of plan, vodka and beer,
In General, all that was necessary.
The streets gave me my name. Remember me?
The answer is no here are not tulisa.
While my mother was on edge nerves,
I was among those who could appreciate my masterpieces.
Hey you, beware your sword,
Don't wait for the piss to hit your head,
Rostov and Krasnodar meet.
South-Eastern Europe - earth gives fruit fun dill.
Breed every other garden,
Especially in Krasnodar, where we have been more than once
Us and Cuban peppers generously popped.
And in Rostov inserts not too late.
Have a drink - the method of cooking is not complicated.
Ripped, folded, poured, welded, pressed, pribil, waited.
Wait - and pstec! In short, that fuss in the North for weeks,
Charging herbs - in the South, not pecking Chickens with feathers.
Sometimes it is necessary to know the laws, but if the season, the boys
Fun doses won't leave you serious,
To escape later, if the four - force.
Not a single fraternal warmups
Famous for the southern nation,
Same garbage-podrastali ragged. Well take off,
Although strained registery.
South district famous violent tastes, manners,
Pruszcz herbs, serious injury, drama,
... Chicks United Caste and Mary Jane on this track
The first in the new century, in your deck.
You notice there are two styles.
Two bitmaker tried.
Rhythms - not similar.
The name of the first - Og, my name is Vladi,
Next to the Snakes of the Faces.
Right now, my bit of rushing, who is against - will close the mouth,
Because my move, when it's yours, is " Don't yawn!"
Breaking ceramics, flying glass, the boys in the wood,
"Stay at least two meters away from the speakers."
"The serpent and Vlady As rushing, not umat?"
"Neha, all in order! On the street or in the house?"
"Pochi, all vporyade!Che, found Rostov on the map?"
"Here it is, all right! Near Krasnodar by the way."
A hundred pounds, a little South, as pret, not in the mind?
"Nhua, all in order! On the street or in the house?"
"Pochi, all vporyade! Che, found Rostov on the map?"
"Here it is, all right. Near Krasnodar by the way. You told me."

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