Зоя Ященко
Ночной дозор translation of lyrics

Also known as Но все мы пили из одного ручья lyrics.

English translation of Ночной дозор by Зоя Ященко
We used to get up at sunrise
And lived a thousand years,
Until one of us stole
Fire is a flickering light.
Then some of us began to pray,
Other sharpening fangs,
But we all drank from the Blue river.
And time then flowed through fingers,
By winter the river became shallow.
And the one who lived here always, began to blame
Coming from afar.
Some had daughters growing up,
Other sons,
But we all drank from the same stream.
We imprisoned each other in a fortress,
Burning bridges.
Above this hail is a star with a Crescent moon,
Above that - on the tops of crosses.
Above one window - the song of the Orioles,
Above the other, the crow's roar,
But we all drank from the same stream.
One retired from the world into the mountains
To the sources of ... and Yang.
The other sat in a smoky tea room
And just smoked a hookah.
One wife wears a white dress,
The one in black is a nobody's wife,
But we all drank from the same stream.
One climbed higher and higher,
Another damaged the wing.
Some fields were filled with ears of corn,
Nothing grew on the others.
One was dying, caught by a bullet,
Another shot from guns,
But we all drank from the same stream.
And sipping - who's fault, who potions,
Remembering who is the father who is the mother,
One decides what time to build,
The other is that it's time to blow up.
But every night at midnight Sitting
The mill of fate decides their dispute:
He's telling you who to watch.
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